You Make Me Brave.

You make me brave, you make me brave, you called me out beyond the shore into the waves.

Tonight this song was given new meaning. Tonight instead of singing the lyrics known by heart, I heard the message. As a little girl I loved to swim in the ocean deep into the water to the point where every time I got far enough my mom would say, “Honey you’re out too far swim back closer!” As I became older I became more afraid. I was aware of the danger that was in the depths of the ocean including sharks which might I add is a horrible fear of mine. Because, with more knowledge and experience came more fear. So I stay close to the shore where land is close and security is only a few steps away. This isn’t right. This is exactly the opposite of what I was supposed to be doing. I was listening to this beautiful song and beautiful vocals singing and I wasn’t even listening to the words. God calls us to go out into the waves beyond the shore into this chaotic mess. It’s filled with our deepest fears, troubles, even heartache. He called us to do more than just stay safe in familiar territory. So we swim out far enough to where all we see is blurred depictions around this big blue ocean. Do you see it yet? And when your deep enough to where you can’t stand anymore and you can’t touch the ground you rely on your ability to float and you rely on how well you’ve been taught to swim. Getting the picture? God wants us out far enough to where we can’t swim ourselves but where we swim on what we’ve learned. When were out far enough we have no choice but to rely on God’s teachings. When we lose sight of shore we have to search for God to know the direction to go. And when we feel like the ocean floor is too far deep and we’re too far gone we have to look up because if you’re looking straight you’re not doing this right. Where does your courage come from? Do you try to walk on this sin filled/broken earth alone? Are you carrying the weight of a million things to where your starting to sink? I know I am. I am/was surrounded by a life-raft enclosing on me with the inability to trust, the desire to be perfect, the self-hatred, and the doubt that God wouldn’t or won’t ever speak to me. But to get out of the life-raft circled around you must sink down to swim out. You must fall down to pick yourself back up. This past month God has been turning my heart inside out with truth and renewal. He is slowly showing me the dark parts of my heart. But he’s trying to do this with gentle love so I can speed up the process to become that much closer to him. God doesn’t promise an easy walk or swim in this case. God doesn’t say if we follow him our life is going to be perfect and we’ll have all the treasures of the world. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” -Acts 14:22. God just promises to love us through all the mistakes we make and all the times we try to swim alone and close to shore. He will encourage you to swim out but you are the deciding factor. But when you get the courage to go beyond the shore God will be your courage while we whisper, “You make me brave.”

As your love in wave after wave, crashes over me,  for you are for us you are not against us.


2 thoughts on “You Make Me Brave.”

  1. Ciara this is beautiful!!! Emma sent me the link to read this and The Lord totally spoke to me this morning through you. That image you painted of the more knowledge you obtained the more fearful you are is spot on in my life and I’m sure most everyone’s. Love your heart sweet girl!!


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