“There’s No I In Team”

When I joined the student ministry team at North Atlanta as an intern, it did not take long for my co-workers to realize that underneath my exterior is a very competitive spirit. I am so competitive, in fact that I had to remove myself from a group game of dodge ball for the sake of… Continue reading “There’s No I In Team”


My Modern Day Diary

Did you ever keep a diary as a kid? A place where you could share your deepest desires and know that these secrets would be protected. A place where every and any emotion is ok. Sometimes, I feel like my prayer journal is a modern day diary. It is a direct lens into the most… Continue reading My Modern Day Diary

"Girls and guys can never be best friends! It never works!" My friend Emily would say this as if it was the most important thing spoken from the pastor that past Sunday. We would all laugh about it and fight her on it, listing all the best guy friends we had trying to convince her… Continue reading